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Environmental and Sustainability Report 2018-19

Crown Workspace is committed to reducing our own environmental impact, whilst providing sustainable workplace change services to our clients. With climate change never higher on the public and corporate agenda, organisations have an important role to play in reducing waste and working towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

Crown Workspace has produced an environmental and sustainability report, which aims to summarise our achievements over the past year and demonstrate how we are delivering on our commitment to reducing our own environmental impact.

A particular success this year has been in regard to the lighting at our Ardra Road facilities, which have been replaced with LED; saving an estimated 34 tonnes of C02 a year. This report also highlights key achievements at our award-winning Renew Centre, which has remanufactured 7,750 items of furniture, diverted 890 tonnes from landfill, and saved 1,900 tonnes of C02(e) in 2019.

We recognise that our role is not only to reduce Crown Workspace’s impact on the environment but to innovate and share our knowledge; helping to drive the circular agenda on a much wider basis.

Our Renew Centre, the UK’s award-winning commercial facility dedicated to remanufacturing office furniture, has continued to grow and extend its services; becoming a beacon for visitors who want to see the ‘circular economy’ in action. It attracts global visitors from press, academia and industry pioneers. In Autumn 2018, visitors from IKEA HQ came to learn more about the ‘how and what’ we are doing in terms of office furniture repair, refurbishment and remanufacturing. Such was the success of the visit, that a reciprocal trip was organised to share our story with the wider IKEA team.

We’re proud of all achievements and look forward to building on this progress throughout 2020 and beyond.

Download this report to find out how you can benefit from sustainability being at the heart of our business offering.

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