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Creating Positive Environments for Staff

Crown Workspace answers some essential questions about improving cultural behaviours in the office and how to help you future-proof your workplace.

What do I want my office space to say about my company?

The right office design can help communicate your corporate brand, vision and image to both clients and employees.

A good design helps your employees to embrace the brand and virtues on a daily basis, as well as providing a catalyst for positive change and growth from employees.

Furthermore, if your employees feel that they have enough space, and that their space is neat and attractive, has enough privacy but isn’t secluding, and the office space as a whole is respectable, employees are much more likely to have respect for their company and for their line of work.

How do I encourage certain behaviours?

Design can encourage or discourage certain behaviours. For example, if you want to encourage clear and constant communication, then an open-plan office with very few walls is the way to go. Likewise, if you want the employees more privacy, then more walls with secluded sections should be included.

If you want a mixture of both, then you can create open-plan areas and quiet, secluded parts of your office within the same design.

Additionally, if you want to encourage more communication between employees, then you can include a centralised breakout area, a leisure area, a kitchen with various appliance areas or even a printing station.

These areas will encourage employees to take appropriate breaks from their work schedule to share their thoughts and ideas with their colleagues.

How long will the refurbishment take?

This all depends on the size of your office and the scope of the project. A full project plan and timescale will be issued before the work starts so you know what will be done and when.

Duties that could otherwise impact the business during working hours, in terms of distractions, can be undertaken outside of business hours to avoid any distractions – the best project plans will deliver the successful results with minimal disruption to employees or customers.

Workplace sizing – how much space does a business or an employee really need?

The trend in offices today is to have fewer and smaller individual workspaces and a larger portion of the space dedicated to interactive uses. The modern office provides the right blend of these spaces that also support virtual interaction with globally dispersed teams of colleagues, partners and customers through enhanced technology.

Your workspace office plan requirements, no matter how specific or non-specific, should be discussed within your initial project plan meeting. Then, superb working environment design ideas and scenarios can be drafted.

They should aim to provide the best working environment to encourage staff morale, pride of the workplace, improve productivity, and contribute to a design scheme that conveys your company ethos.

Download our guide below for more information on creating a positive environment for your workforce.

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